Chris Clark,
is an interactive designer and front-end developer. Some people call him Chrissy, which you can also do, unless of course you don’t wanna, which is just totally fine.

For five years he worked at Genius designing and writing code, while helping grow a hobby website into one of the biggest music platforms on the planet. On the side he designs, develops, photographs, and writes for a very fancy cocktail site with his partner, Meredith.

He received an MFA in graphic design from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and his thesis, Web Typography for the Lonely, has been exhibited in galleries around the country. His writing is published in several collaborative books on typography and design, and he has work featured in NPR and the New York Times. His illustrations even made the cover of NYT Magazine once.

He is an avid backpacker and climber, with a bit of a soft spot for smartly designed gear. He loves cooking, fashion, and as you might have guessed, music. If you are still reading this, you might be considering contacting him about a fun and exciting project to work on, which you can do by sending an email to the long word below.